Barents region

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Barents Cup


Competitions in the Barents area for 2015 are in planning, stay tuned.
End of the year points are counted for every age group and rewards will be sent.

In 2015 there will be only one Cup competition in each country.


Season 2015

Welcome to competitions in northern Finland in 2015

Calendar for 2015 (PDF-file).
We will try and keep this international site updated more often during next year, so stay tuned.


Season 2013

Welcome to competitions in northern Finland in 2013

Up to date race calendar 2013!


Season 2011

Short review of 2011 in Finland

Have a look at cycling in 2011 on finnish perspective


Barents Grand Prix 2011


Barents championship competitions are held as a stage race in Sirma-Tana bru-Ifjordfjellet 16-17.7.2011. Competitions are parts of Barents-cup. More information to come...

Three days of racing:
1st day (afternoon) - Prologue 4,7 km ITT
2nd day - 110km hilly stage, and mountaintop finish
3rd day - 100km hilly start, last 70 km are flat.

Route on Google Maps
Barents GP in Facebook


Barents Cup

Final calendar for 2011

Barents Cup 2011(pdf)
Competitions in Luosto, Apatity, Oulu, Tana Bru, Sandnessjøen. (Finland, Russia, Norway) 5 Race weekends with 11 competitions!

06.03. 2011


Training camp + Stage race in Oulu

Oulun Tervaetapit 4-day competition
Siikajoki spring trainingcamp/OTC

14.02. 2011

New web site

In building process

Please have patience as I am building this web site in the coming days and weeks!

Antti K. 12.02. 2011

Season 2011:

New web page

In the last 3 years, cycling has taken leaps forward in Barents area. Communication with cyclists is increasing, and some great international races have already taken place in Northern Russia, Northern Norway and Northern Finland. We hope to grow cycling not only in Finland, but also in Russia, Sweden and Norway. This is why, as we renew our own finnish site, we also decided to create this international page to help us all communicate and share information inside Barents area. We also hope that our cycling friends in Russia, Sweden and Norway would send photos, stories and news to put on this page for us all!

Race Calendar 2011

Preparing for season 2011

Our cyclists in Gran Canaria

Good option for getting fit in december: Gran Canaria. Happy New Year for everyone by our cyclists from Kemijärvi, Rovaniemi and Oulu!


01.01 2011

Best Cyclist in Northern Finland 2010

Our most successful female cyclist, Rosa Törmänen (Cyclos Kuusamo) has been elected for the best cyclist in Northern Finland in the year 2010. Go Rosa!!