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Short season review of 2011

Short season review of 2011

Finnish and Barents cycling continuing to grow

Junior start of Tervaetapit stage competition in Oulu

2011 was again a succesful season in Northern Finland. National success came mainly for two northern cycling clubs: Ounaksen Pyörä-Pojat (OPP) and Oulu Triathlon&Cycling (OTC). Northern Finland had the Cup with 6 competitions on road and off-road. Championship races were held on road, off-road, time-trial, criterium and track.

Cyclist of the year was elected Arno Hämäläinen (OPP) with national success in boys under 16 years. For the first time, girl and boy cyclists were also elected. Jenni Karvonen of OTC won the national time trial of girls under 10 years and Eemil Lehtoranta of OPP was one of the best boys under 10 years all year.

Men's team of Cyclos Kuusamo in
Northern Finland track championships.

Good quality competitions were held near Oulu, Pyhä-Luosto, Saariselkä and Kuusamo.

All new and exciting competition was the Saariselkä mountain bike marathon, were Russian Derevnja Team riders were fighting for the win but going too fast in the start. Route and awards were top quality and next fall the race is surely going to grow into an even better contested competition.

Cycling is a spectator sport -
nothing better on a sunny day than watching some racing!

Barents racing continued with Barents championship race in Tana Bru, Norway. Race was well contested, as was the Barents Cup with competitions over the whole Barents area: Luosto, Apatity, Oulu, Tana Bru, Sandnessjøen (Finland, Russia, Norway).

Not only was racing better than last year, so was non-competitive riding. For example a new cycling group for women was formed in Oulu called Team Donna Agile.

Russian and norwegian riders have become a common and welcome sight in finnish racing. We only hope our friends in Sweden are joining us in the future.

We would like to thank our followers for a great year of cycling! We'll see in races next year!

Scenes of Luosto International Race Weekend


Antti Kulmala/PSP 01.10.2011

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